As the only daughter of the incredibly talented and visionary seamstress, Zakia Bashir, I was a mannequin from the age of two. Fortunate enough to inherit a passion and vision for fashion and design, I soon enough evolved from her dress up doll to her co-designer. We became the dream team. Bouncing around new design ideas, inspiring each exclusive garment that we'd add to our brilliant collection housed in our own closets, each piece incredibly unique.

Our priority was to create pieces that unveiled confidence, beauty, uniqueness, and most of all modesty.

For each person, modesty may mean different things. Mine was shaped by the teachings of my parents and their focus on living and embodying modesty. It changed with time, experience, how I wanted to fit into the world and how I wanted to be seen in the world. Being a Muslim woman, I prepared for the day I wanted to take modesty further and add the hijab to my lifestyle. Luckily, this wasn't a very challenging adjustment all thanks to my mother's talent. As I continued to adjust, I realized how lucky I was to have someone to not only alter my clothing, but also to envision exactly how I wanted to modify it, without losing the appeal of the piece. I wanted my clothing to be tailor-made to make me feel confident, feel beautiful, and be modest. And that's what we want to provide YOU.

At Zaria Boutique, we want to promote self love and self confidence with your version of modesty. Let us tailor to your needs, let us stitch together your new wardrobe with love.

I am incredibly excited to be a part of your fashion journey.

With love,